Hotel Cola is the fruit of a story a beautiful story, which we love to tell.

My name is Pietro and I have been a hotelier for all my life. In fact, I inherited this passion from my parents, hoteliers too, and today I dedicate all my experience to make your vacation, what you expect all year round, a dream vacation.

Giulia and I will welcome you to the Hotel Cola, take care of your needs and satisfy all your desires.

Every vacation is a story. And we like to think that what you will tell on the way back, also talk a little about us.

Chi siamo
Hotel Cola

The expertise he acquired in these beautiful places was never lost, and Vittorio could get back to his beloved Romagna and start, together with his sister Natalina, his lifetime adventure: opening a brand new seaside hotel in Bellaria, his hometown. He chose a family ground used to cultivate potatoes and vegetables as location, directly by the beach.

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Bellaria - Via Volosca, 17 47814 (Rn) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0541/346742 - email
P.Iva IT04486430400

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